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Business Transformation

Mr. Santosh Karkhanis, the author of this site is a well known Business Transformation Strategist. He is working on Transforming Business Culture since 1983 and is consulting globally since 1994. He consulted many big Multinational companies across the world. In this section he is giving tips on Designing & Implementing Business Transformation Strategy.

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Business Transformation

Business Transformation is the necessity and not luxury in the current era. TOC Theory of Constraints is the effective tool to transform complex business providing variety of products and services. SAP is another proven Management tool being used across the world. Mr. Karkhanis is expert in combining these tools to give you amazing results. In this section he explains how to use the tools to transform your business.

Business Transformation : What..Why..When

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Business Transformation is made easy in this site

Santosh Karkhanis, the Business Transformation Strategist is an independent management & SAP consultant. For a few years he shouldered responsibility as 'Vice President (IT-SAP)' for a big group of companies in India. Prior to that, he was`a free lance SAP & Management consultant working globally. He is expert in designing Business Transformation Strategies & developing tactics to support the strategies using SAP as a tool.

He believes the modern day many profit & non-profit organizations need total business transformation for sustained growth. The organizations need to develop business transformation strategies. They have to decide goals at various levels to support the strategies and finalize tactics to achieve the goals. Mr. Karkhanis therefore decided to develop this site to guide them.

 Mr. Karkhanis believes in saying of one saint in 17th century

जें जें आपणासी ठावे, ते ते इतरांसी सांगावे |शहाणे करून सोडावे, सकाळ जन ||

समर्थ रामदासस्वामी 

(We must share, whatever we know)

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Introduction to Business Transformation

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As stated earlier, Business transformation is not just reorientation of a few parameters of your business. Only those organizations that can re-invent themselves every five years will survive in the modern business world. Therefore redefine your business with the latest techniques of Business Transformation and realign your people, processes and technology is the prime necessity of this age. 

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Why Business Transformation

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Business transformation does not mean fine tuning in few areas, but radical changes in business strategies and policies. Reinvention of the entire business policy is the central idea of Business Transformation. It implies holistic process of transforming the business. This will help the organizations to succeed and not die away due to stagnation. 

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Reasons of failure

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The three critical success factors in any organization are people, processes and technology. Business transformation aligns these three factors closely with the new environment for business growth in short term and long term horizon. This article explains what is Business Transformation.

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How to Have a Winning Season in 2013

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An excellent article I located on web.

How to Have a Winning Season in 2013 – And Make The Playoffs Year.

What steps are you taking to ensure long term success?
What do you think is important to keep winning?
How are you preparing your organization?

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Hurting for Demand

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A very good article I located while mining the Web.

'Hurting for Demand' by Rudolf Burkhard and Patrick Hoefsmit

Demand is down all over the world. Each company is trying to increase it using various tactics. Authors of this paper explain how you can use TOC techniques to boost your demand without cutting the price of your product/service.


Click here for Article : Hurting for Demand


Supply Chain Improvement - Role of Human Intellegence
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Date: Friday 19th February 2015  9:30am - 5:00 pm
Venue: CII Naoroji Godrej Centre of Manufacturing Excellence,
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