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Business Transformation

Mr. Santosh Karkhanis, the author of this site is a well known Business Transformation Strategist. He is working on Transforming Business Culture since 1983 and is consulting globally since 1994. He consulted many big Multinational companies across the world. In this section he is giving tips on Designing & Implementing Business Transformation Strategy.

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Business Transformation : What..Why..When

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Business Transformation is made easy in this site

Santosh Karkhanis, the Business Transformation Strategist is an independent management & SAP consultant. For a few years he shouldered responsibility as 'Vice President (IT-SAP)' for a big group of companies in India. Prior to that, he was`a free lance SAP & Management consultant working globally. He is expert in designing Business Transformation Strategies & developing tactics to support the strategies using SAP as a tool.

He believes the modern day many profit & non-profit organizations need total business transformation for sustained growth. The organizations need to develop business transformation strategies. They have to decide goals at various levels to support the strategies and finalize tactics to achieve the goals. Mr. Karkhanis therefore decided to develop this site to guide them.

 Mr. Karkhanis believes in saying of one saint in 17th century

जें जें आपणासी ठावे, ते ते इतरांसी सांगावे |शहाणे करून सोडावे, सकाळ जन ||

समर्थ रामदासस्वामी 

(We must share, whatever we know)

The site is developed with Mr. Karkhanis’ mission : “Help organizations to manage organizational agenda effectively.”

Many consultants having different skill sets are available in the market. The rates of these consultants also vary widely. Consultants expert in one aspect of management may give biased opinion & can harm progress of the business. However a consultant having broad overview of various business and management aspects can analyze the business needs properly & suggest solutions to address the needs. 

Employing an expert as a consultant is not an expense but a long term investment. Therefore careful attention is needed while employing a consultant for your business. 

Remember : Apponting an Consultant is a long term investment & not cost. Hence you have to take all the precautions that you take for a long term investment. You are not investing in something because it is at low cost, however you calculate returns on investment (ROI) before investing. 

You can contact Mr. Karkhanis by e-mail on Santosh(at)karkhanisgroup(dot)com. e-mail is the preferred way of contact, as Mr. Karkhanis is traveling extensively.


Supply Chain Improvement - Role of Human Intellegence
One day training By Mr. Santosh Karkhanis
The Business Transformation Guru 

Date: Friday 19th February 2015  9:30am - 5:00 pm
Venue: CII Naoroji Godrej Centre of Manufacturing Excellence,
           Godrej Station-side Colony, 
           Opposite Railway Station,
           Vikhroli (East), 
           Mumbai - 400 079 India



We consult in

  • 'Beyond Analytics' : Ensuring sustained business value from SAP / ERP implementations
  • Project Management expert support for SAP implementations
  • Process Improvement in Supply Chain : Reduction in inventory, Reduction in processing cycle time, Rejectin/rewoek control etc.
  • Soft Skills Training : Problem Solving, Project Management, Customer Orientation, Goal Orientation etc

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